How To Wear Colour

When it comes to wearing colour on the eyes,  it can be hard to know where to start which leaves many of us returning to the same tried-and-tested shades time and time again. Hands up if you’ve been wearing that same light-brown shadow since uni? But, there are a few simple principles that you can apply which should help you feel confident in experimenting with colour.


The most important thing to refer to is the colour theory. It’s a simple and easy way to understand the shades that will enhance, complement and contrast your eyes. The internet is full of easy-to-follow charts like the one above.

When choosing a contrasting colour, look for a hue that makes your eyes pop. (It’s also helpful to think of a time when someone has complemented you on a colour of a top or dress you’ve worn, as this usually means it suits your complexion and eyes).

First off, find the colour of your iris on the chart, then look at the shades around it and decide which ones serve to intensify and enhance it. For example, if you have blue eyes, you can see from the colour wheel that brown and orange sit directly opposite it and work really well together. This is why warm tones such as bronze, gold and copper complement blue eyes so well.

wearing colour

Now you’ve decided on what contrasts your eyes, you need to find those that complement – choose a selection of neighbouring shades from the wheel. As you can see from the diagram, cooler shades such as greens, greys and purples make natural partners to blue you can feel confident that they’ll work beautifully when blended across the eyes.

This theory will work for any eye colour – just remember to find the closest shade to your iris first, then look for both contrasting and complementing colours around it.

Which shades do you like to wear on your eyes? Or which would you love to try but aren’t sure will work?

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