Product Review: Aeos’s evening skincare routine

Roberta Lister, our resident beauty writer reviews Aeos’s Optimal Essentials evening skincare routine.

Aeos's evening skincare routine

Aeos – or Active Energised Organic Skincare – is a new, all-natural skincare brand, born in the hills of Lincolnshire. It’s an extensive line, encompassing face, body, nail, and nutrition products, all of which are designed to emulate and enhance the body’s natural processes, heightening our resistance to everyday aggressors: pollution, sun, and air-conditioning.

Aeos products harness the powers of organic and biodynamic plant extracts, essences, and essential oils, as well as Spagyric tinctures, which are liquid crystals, designed to balance the soul and spirit, according to ancient holistic alchemy. (For the sake of your sanity, I’m going to skirt around this bit.) Most of the ingredients are sustainably produced at Shire Farm in the Lincolnshire Wolds, and are entirely free of pesticides and fertilizers.

I tested the brand’s extensive Optimal Essentials evening routine, which comprises three phases: Renewal, Rebalance, and Replenish. First up is the Cleansing Oil de Maq: an oil-based cleanser, which removes all traces of makeup – it’s even suitable for eyes – without upsetting the skin’s natural moisture balance. I used this first to remove my mascara, then to do a light facial massage – it worked wonders on my dry, dehydrated skin. Next, the Dew Facial Wash. I didn’t love this one so much, but mostly because of the slightly aggressive spray bottle it came in. The overpowering lemon-neroli scent wasn’t really my thing, either.

Aeos de maq oil

The Rebalance phase begins with the Energising Conditioner: a super-charged formula, loaded with soothing rose extracts and anti-bacterial witch hazel. Unlike the former, this one smells beautiful (that’ll be the rose) and sinks into damp skin seamlessly.

Aeos Serum

The final phase, Replenish, is where Aeos really shines. It begins with the Realive Serum, which is packed with regenerative spelt oil, soothing rose, and a host of nourishing plant extracts. It’s safe to use on sensitive skin, and even around the eyes, in lieu of a separate eye cream.  The routine ends with the Enriching Moisturiser, which again is lovely. Infused with jojoba and sweet almond oils, it’s light, absorbs instantly, and also works well beneath makeup.

If you buy just one product from Aeos, make it the Realive Serum. The price tag – £105 – is eye-watering, but when you consider the quality of the ingredients, it’s worth it. The packaging might not boast the luxe factor of other high-end brands, but it’s what’s inside that counts, right?

And as for those spagryric tinctures – have I felt their effects? Sadly not – but at least my skin looks great.


Price: 8/10. Expensive but justified

Smell: 6/10. Some are great, some not-so.

Consistency: 8/10

Short-term results: 7/10

Long-term results: 9/10

Active ingredients: 10/10


Aeos is available at Content Beauty, 14 Bulstrode Street, London W1U 2JG and online at

Roberta Lister is a London-based luxury lifestyle writer and beauty editor at Glass magazine. You can find her on social media at @robertalister 





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