Top 10 tips on bridal beauty

Getting hitched this year? Follow Cat’s top 10 tips on achieving a flawless beauty look on your big day.

Images: Preston Perfect Photography

Preston Perfect Photography

1. Address skin concerns

One of the first things I did after setting a date for my wedding was book a facial. I had around 10 months to prepare for the wedding, so I booked myself appointments for every six weeks. If you have any skin concerns, it’s the best thing to do to help you feel totally confident on the big day. I mix between Cowshed and Cherry Woods in Richmond. Cherry gives the most personal and detailed consultation before your treatment so you feel as though the facial is tailor-made for you. Her signature Full Bloom facial includes Peptide technology and extractions so was just what my congested skin needed.


2. Book a trial with a makeup artist

On your actual wedding day, the last thing you want to be worrying about is your makeup. You need to have a trial first to make sure you come away feeling completely happy with the look. Take along a few images of makeup looks you like, and be totally honest with the makeup artist. They aren’t mind-readers and also can’t make you look like someone you’re not – so be realistic and chat to them about what will really enhance your features. I was really lucky as I had Fab create my makeup on the day, but it’s really important that you feel comfortable enough to tell them if you want something changing.


3. Alter your look for evening

If you have the opportunity to change up your look for evening, I totally recommend it. Fab was a guest at my wedding, so she was on hand for lipstick and powder touches throughout the day, but after the speeches and tears, I was looking a little washed out. I wanted a darker, dramatic look for evening, so Fab touched up my base, applied a touch more blusher and painted my lips a deep berry shade. This looked great in the pictures and made me feel refreshed for the evening party. A lot of brides sometimes forget to touch up their makeup from day to night, which they come to regret when they look back at the photos.

Wedding Chrsitmas photo

4. Keep the complexion cool

I was not a calm bride (I admit) and it had a bit of an adverse effect on my complexion. I suffer from eczema and the odd coldsore when I’m anxious, and both were rearing their ugly heads a week before the wedding. I managed to keep my skin calm with a little trick I learnt from my facialist – soak some face cloths in chamomile and pop them in a zip-top bag in the fridge. I then put it over my face each morning to help calm any flare-ups and normalise the temperature of my skin.

5. Drink lots of water

I’ve been doing the Body Coach’s 90 day challenge since October, and part of the training programme involves drinking lots of water. I found that this really helped my complexion and overall health. I’ve started having a big glass of water first thing in the morning (which I never feel like doing) but I’ve found I’m now prone to less headaches, feel a little livelier and have clearer skin. Exercising regularly will also help you keep a healthy glow on the run-up to your wedding, and also reduce stress levels.


D75_0669_wm - Copy

6. Perfect your skincare routine

If you want to look your very best on your wedding day, make sure you are cleansing, toning and moisturising. A great cleanser will leave your pores cleaner, a toner will reduce oil and even out skin tone and a great moisturiser is always a good idea – especially if you’re concerned about ageing. A serum should also be part of every bride’s arsenal, as it plumps up the skin and leaves it balmy and healthy looking.

7. Don’t go for a makeup look that will date

This is probably personal preference, but I would always advise going for a timeless beauty look on your wedding day. Over-plucked eyebrows, over-done eyebrows (HD I’m talking about you), really bright lips, contouring, hair extensions and too much eyeliner will date very quickly. This isn’t to say that you can’t add a little personality, just be thoughtful in your decisions, as you may come to regret them.

8. Don’t try new products too close to the big day

Once you’ve nailed a skincare routine that works for you, don’t try and change anything a week or two before the wedding. The last thing a stressed skin needs is a change, and you don’t want to risk flare-ups, spots and rashes. A facial is advised one or two weeks before, but make sure it’s a treatment you’ve had previously.


9. Stop biting your nails

I’m a self-confessed nail biter, and didn’t want to have short stubby nails on my wedding day (Imagine all of the ring shots?!)  So, I started going for a fortnightly file and polish about four months before, which allowed my nails to grow longer and achieve the shape and length I wanted. I also applied cuticle oil every other day, and always made sure I wore a clear nail polish in between manicures. This stopped them from breaking and kept my mouth away from them. I opted for a red gel nail polish for the wedding, which looked beautiful in the pictures and I didn’t have to worry about chips or smudges.

10.  Enjoy it

Beauty was one of the things I enjoyed the most about my wedding preparation. It’s a fun time to try new products, have consultations and just pamper yourself, so just enjoy it! I went for most of my facials with a friend, and combined it with lunches and wedding dress shopping – so all in all, it was a wonderful time.



Look out for our full blog post on Cat’s bridal makeup look over the next few weeks.





Cat is the beauty-obsessed founder of the London Beauty Insider. She is a London=based writer and editor and also regularly contributes to the Telegraph, Metro, L'oreal, MATCHESFASHION.COM and Grazia Arabia.

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