All new nudes: lipstick review

Hi lovely readers,

Now spring is here (hooray!) it’s time to shake up your makeup routine and what better way than a lovely new lippie?

Nude and rose-pink are an easy way to freshen a look, and there’s a shade for everyone. To take the pain out of trying them all out, I’ve done it for you.  I’ve scored everything out of 5  (5 being awesome, 1 being a bit crap) rating each on texture, pigment/ colour, and price. You may be pleasantly surprised at some of the results.


Lipstick Queen in Knight

Lipstick queen

Pigment: 5

This lipstick is not for the fainthearted – it packs a punch but has a really great deep pigment that stays on through drinks, kisses, and maybe a canape or two.

Texture: 3.5

If you have chapped lips, I suggest using an exfoliating lip stick before hand as it does dry the lips out a little.

Price: £20


Sainsbury’s Boutique In The Buff


Pigment: 4 

I really, really like this lipstick. It goes on so nicely and would be something that I’d wear in the day when you want something that looks great but isn’t too high maintenance.

Texture: 5 

It’s really creamy and smooth without falling into glossy territory.

Price: £7


Rituals Hazel Sheer Gloss


Pigment: 2

This is a bit wishy washy for me and has quite a opalescent finish. I think it would be better worn over a matte lipstick such as Lipstick Queen rather than on its own.

Texture: 2

A bit sticky and found it quite hard to apply evenly. A little does go a long way though.

Price: £13.50


Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Pink Out Loud Gloss

sexy mp

My husband had got bored by this point, so I had to make do with selfies…

Pigment/ colour: 3

This has a really natural pink colour that is lovely for popping on in the day, when you need a little lift.

Texture: 3

It leaves a tingling sensation on the lips (which is apparently suppose to plump the look of the lips) but this soon disappears. It’s not too sticky for a gloss and stays on pretty well.

Price: £9


Pixie Woo Multi Balm in Wild Rose

pixie woo

Pigment: 4.5

For something that is called a multi-use balm, I really wasn’t expecting it to have such a great pigment. The colour is a deep rose and suits both me and my bestie who is blonde and freckled.

Texture: 4

It goes on smooth, but sets fairly matte and has great longevity. It’s the kind of product I put on and don’t worry about slipping off immediately. It’s also designed to be worn on the cheeks too.

Price: £24.50


Diego Dalla Palma Rosetto Liquid Matte Lipstick

diego dalla palma

Pigment: 4

This has a really lovely rose-pink colour that is perfect for night or day. It’s come to be one of favourite all-rounder products.

Texture: 3.5

Goes on smooth, and sets matte without causing any dryness. It usually stays put through a couple of drinks too.

Price: £15.50




Cat is the beauty-obsessed founder of the London Beauty Insider. She is a London=based writer and editor and also regularly contributes to the Telegraph, Metro, L'oreal, MATCHESFASHION.COM and Grazia Arabia.

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