Review: Neutrogena’s Visibly Clear Light Therapy Acne Mask

If you suffer from acne, you’ve no doubt tried everything to get rid of it. You’re also probably sick and tired of beauty brands making grand claims that one single product can magic away something as complex as acne. You’ll also know the detrimental effect acne can have on your self-esteem and happiness. But, if you haven’t completely thrown in the towel and are open to something a little different, you may want to continue reading…

Neutrogena and its ambassador, skincare blogger Em Ford have recently launched the Light Therapy Acne Mask. What the hell is that I hear you cry? Well, it’s a wearable (albeit a little terrifying) LED device that delivers red and blue wavelengths deep into the skin at the speed of light to disrupt the acne cycle. It’s powered by batteries and is completely portable so can be worn while you do the dishes, watch the TV or even dabble in a bit of yoga. So far, so good..

face mask

The mask comes with clear instructions and warns that if you don’t have mild to severe acne, it can be damaging, so don’t think about using this product to cure one single spot. As I don’t suffer from acne, I passed the mask to my friend Frankie who had been asking me for advice on tackling her problem skin. Now in her fourth week, this is how she’s got on so far…

“As a teenager my skin was not a huge part of my routine as I was lucky enough to have escaped adolescent acne. Due to this good fortune, i developed a very relaxed approach to skincare. This has continued throughout my twenties even as the effects of adult acne have ravaged my skin I had a blind belief that it was just ‘a break out’ or ‘the after effects of a heavy weekend’. More recently i have come to realise that my skin is like all other parts of my life: it needs care, attention and a bit of TLC, not just once in a while, but consistently.

My friends and family keep asking me if i’m doing something differently? I happily show them my new gadget and implore them to get one of their own!

I’m now two thirds of the way through my course with the Neutrogena  Light Therapy Mask and it has radically changed my evening skin routine. Something that used to feel a chore at the end of a hard day now has a payoff that almost feels like a daily facial! This also gives me five dedicated minutes of ‘Me time’ that is rare in my otherwise busy life. Aside from the calm, warm, feeling it provides during each session, I also started to see a visible difference to my skin within a few days of use. Bumps beneath my skin started to appear smoother, dry patches began to disappear and oil was reduced.

I’m not the only one noticing either, as my friends and family ask me if i’m ‘doing something differently?’ I happily show them my new gadget and implore them to get one of their own! THANKS NEUTROGENA”.

How does it work?

Ok, so here comes the science part. One of the best things about this product is that it’s been backed by tons of research that goes some way to explain how LED light therapy can benefit the skin.

“The mask is a wearable device that uses both red and blue light simultaneously to treat acne in easy, 10-minute sessions.” says Naomi Furgiuele, Senior Director of Research and Development, Global Face Care, Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc. “The blue light kills bacteria while the red light reduce the inflammation linked to acne — all at the push of a button.”

So what’s so revolutionary about it and why should you make the investment? LED therapy has been an effective in-salon treatment for years, but it has mainly been available to those who have the time and money to commit to a series of appointments. One of the big plusses about this product, is that it’s relatively affordable and allows you to garner the benefits of LED therapy at a time that suits you – in the privacy of your own home. Great news for those who find getting up close and personal with a therapist a little uncomfortable. It also means that you don’t need to disrupt any other skincare regimes you’re currently using.

Is it clinically proven?

In short, yes it is. Neutrogena conducted an independent clinical study of the mask, which was performed on 52 subjects with mild to moderate acne. The results found that nearly 80 percent of the test subjects showed fewer breakouts after just one week of daily treatments. Even more impressively, results continued to improve over time: after 12 weeks, 98 percent had fewer breakouts and 94 percent had smoother skin.

It’s not just about how you look, but how you feel

The research also showed that the results of the mask didn’t just make each woman look better, but it made them feel better, too. In the same clinical study, 77 percent of users said that they had higher self-esteem after 12 weeks of daily sessions wearing the mask, with 69 percent reporting that they felt more comfortable interacting with others. All in all, 79 percent of the study subjects agreed that using the mask had improved their overall acne-related quality of life.

This research has been used to create the NEUTROGENA® Spotlight Moments Index: an expansive study of 16-30 year old female acne sufferers. Part of the brand’s #ShineYourLight campaign, it hopes to raise awareness of the impact acne has on a person’s confidence while encouraging women to feel better about themselves. It reveals some interesting statistics about the everyday situations (or ‘spotlight moments as the brand calls them’) which acne can affect.

For example, 46% of UK respondents said they avoid social media because of their skin, while a further 26% said they use more than one filter on selfies due to their skin concerns. Here’s a few more day-to-day situations that women highlighted in the study…can you relate to any of these?

spotlight moments



Have you tried the Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Mask? If so, I’d love to hear how you got on. Leave me a comment below!

Until next time…x

The NEUTROGENA® Light Therapy Acne Mask is available from Boots and Amazon.

RRP Mask: £59.99 Activator: £14.99






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